Shortage parts are supplied within three days

With a global supply network and years of market experience, HJC is able to provide the most accurate spot information, including manufacturer, part number, date code, price, RoHS standard, packaging information and delivery date.

Strict supplier audit mechanism and incoming QC inspection, along with ISO9001:2000 international certification quality control process standards, HJC Electronic helps customers strictly control the quality of each batch of goods.

With the global "7 days - 24 hours" service, HJC can obtain the most demanding parts for customers in the shortest time; use the transportation services of international express delivery companies such as FEDEX/UPS/DHL to ensure accurate and punctual quality transportation.

As the preferred partner of the world's leading EMS manufacturers, HJC can provide market information including CPU, memory, integrated circuits, passive components and connectors, and with the professional technical support of the marketing sales team, we can provide the stocking service of commodities in short supply to purchase quickly and in batches before the market is in short supply and the price increases.

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