Quality inspection process

Component inspection is the top priority of our quality inspection process.

In order to ensure that our customers are provided with high quality products, our quality inspectors conduct a 2-stage inspection of 100% incoming parts. We can also provide a higher level of testing to provide a reference for our customers.

First stage preliminary inspection

? Check item
? Quantity
? Manufacturer part number
? Manufacturers
? Date code
? lot number
? RoHS and MSL
? Physical state
? Packaging
? Barcode verification

Second stage in-depth inspection

? Check item
? Verify the first stage test results
? Use high power microscope to verify whether components are qualified
? Security check
? Dimensional inspection
? Electrical performance test to verify the circuit value of the capacitor
? Chip surface chemical reagent test
? Acetone test
? Take pictures and record it in the database

Third stage Advanced Inspection

We can also send components to professional testing organizations for higher-level testing according to customer's needs.
? Check item
? Unsealing test
? Winding X-ray test
? Solderability
? Baking

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